El Morro de Toix

With its rocky sea beds formed by large rocks from old Mascarat wall rockfalls, it shelters an amazing ecosystem with small caves and vertiginous walls, full of gilt-head breams, common dentex and golden groupers, where we can spot coral formations at a 20- 25 m depth.

With the Altea bay to the north, the Morro de Toix's south end is halfway towards the great cliffs of Sierra Helada. Its unique diverse seabed make it a must for any diver interested in the Mediterranean's nature.

A great dive, which greatly depends on visibility conditions, which unfortunately are not always optimal.
The predominance of a Poseidonea prairie turns the bay's waters into a natural reserve of nutrients and oxygen for a great amount of diverse underwater creatures.

The entire Mascarat wall, with its 5 registered dive sites, is full of underwater caves, hollows and sea bass, lobsters, octopus and groupers are abundant. Its colourful walls form a real sealife underwater tapestry.

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